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Dear Parents,


I want to take a minute to give you an update on how we have progressed so far through the 1st 2 months of CP Biology.


So far we have learned about the following topics:



Scientific Method


Characteristics of Life

Basic Chemistry

Inorganic Compounds

Organic Compounds


We are currently learning about:

Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cells

Plant vs. Animal Cells

Cell Organelles and their Function


Students have completed a number of labs/activities demonstrating their ability to use the scientific method, compare and contrast different data, and form meaningful conclusions.


As a class, we have discussed why students may have received the grade they did at progress reports.  These seem to be some of the common problems:

  •  Writing down assignments or writing them down in a special place.

  • Listening carefully to oral directions the teacher gives.

  • Completing and turning in all assignments on time.

  • Completing assignments for UNDERSTANDING and not just for COMPLETION.

  • Spending enough time studying and being prepared for tests.

  • Finding out what assignments were missed when they are absent and making them up.

Again, I would just like you to be aware that your child is receiving homework in my class almost every time we meet.  Students are encouraged to study every night for Biology, even for just 15 minutes.


Students are currently working on a project that is worth 100 points.  They have started working on their first formal lab write-up.  They are expected to complete a rough draft of the lab (worth 20 points) due Thursday, November 9.  They will then exchange labs with another student and peer review the other lab (making comments and suggestions using a rubric).  The peer review is worth another 20 points.  Students will then have the option to fix those labs and re-submit the actual formal lab write-up.  It is due Wednesday, November 29.  Students are encouraged to turn in their lab early once they have completed it.  It would be very harmful to their grade to turn in the 60 point lab for ½ credit.

Students were also given another opportunity for extra credit (Cell Unit Extension).  The extra credit was given today and is due by Friday, December 1st.   Students with poor grades are encouraged to do the extra credit as it becomes available.  NO LATE EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Thank you for the support you have given so far this year, especially the donations I have received so far.  If you have any questions regarding homework, class work, or upcoming tests, please visit my website at:




It is an invaluable resource for students that are absent or forget to write down the homework in class.  You may also contact me via email.  My email address is


Again, thank you for all your support.




M. Pardue

Biology Teacher







***** Below is a donation letter that was out on Back to School Night.  Thank you.









List of Material Donations for Science Classes:


Dear Parents of Science Students—

In lieu of requiring lab fees from our students (as we have done in previous years), we are asking parents if they can donate any of the following items to our science program. 

The following is a list of classroom materials that we frequently use for simulations, labs, teacher demonstrations , and hands-on-activities.  These materials are for activities that allow our students to better comprehend the difficult or obscure science lessons that we expect them to know.  If you can donate any of the following items, we would be very appreciative.


-Tape (Scotch for tape dispenser)

- Construction Paper

-Plain Flat Toothpicks (lots!!!) 

-Boxes of tissues (kids are always asking for them).

-Paper towels

-Styrofoam cups

-Plastic or paper bowls

-Colored pencils

-Washable Markers

-Zip-Lock Baggies (various sizes)

-Aluminum Foil

-White Board Markers

-Simple Green Cleaning Solution

-College-bound filler paper

-Copy Paper (white or color)

-Graph paper



Most Graciously,


The MVHS Science Staff

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