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Period 7 

Tuesday 1/15/19:   Warm-up

                               Welcome Back - discuss material covered in second semester & keys to success

                               Notes:  Why cells divide?/asexual vs. sexual reproduction (benefits, negatives & examples)

                               Mitosis Poster - finish in class

Thursday 1/17/19:  Mitosis Review - Warm-up

                               Video Clip:  Aphid cloning & ability to switch to sexual reproduction

                               Mitosis Notes

                               Mitosis Video

                               Fix posters if necessary (make needed corrections based on notes)

                               HMWK:  Cell Division & Mitosis Wkst.

                                                  back is homework to be completed with website Virtual Lab:  Cell Cycle & Cancer

Tuesday 1/22/19:   Cell Cycle & Cancer Video - Amoeba sisters

                               Cell Cycle & Mitosis Webquest

                                        Prokaryotic Cell Division 1

                                        Prokaryotic Cell Division 2

                                        Binary Fission

                                        Reasons why cells divide

                                        Parts involved in cell division


                                        Sister Chromatids

                                        Stages of the Cell Cycle

                                        Onion Root Tip - Online Lab Activity

Thursday 1/24/19:  Collect homework

                               Mitosis Station Warm-up

                               Notes on Meiosis

                               Meiosis Video - Amoeba sisters


Monday 1/28/19:  Late Start

                             Mitosis Lab

                             HMWK:  Study for test  - review sheet  (remember the test is application of information learned)

                                           Finish lab

Wednesday 1/30/19:  Mitosis Slide Warm-up

                                   Grade other class' mitosis poster


                                   Cell Division Test

                                   HMWK:  Ratio homework

Friday 2/1/19:  Office Hours

                        Go over Ratio Wkst.

                        Ratio Quiz

                        Probability Notes

                        Probability Lab

                        HMWK:  Finish lab

Tuesday 2/5/19:  Probability Warm-up

                            Discuss quiz

                            Notes on Mendel & Punnett Squares

                            Do I Understand the Notes?  Wkst. - work on and go over

Thursday 2/7/19:  Office Hours

                             Mendel Warm-up

                             Punnett Square Computer Lab

                             HMWK:  1 Trait Punnett Squares

Monday 2/11/19:  Late Start

                            3 Sample Punnett Squares Warm-up

                             Notes:  Incomplete dominance & Dihybrid crosses

                             Show smurf problem

                             Packet of Punnett Squares w/ incomplete dominance & dihybrid crosses (spongebob)

                             HMWK:  Finish packet

Wednesday 2/13/19:  Recess Wednesday

                                   Collect homework

                                   Warm-up - Powerpoint Incomplete & Dihybrid Crosses

                                   Punnett Square Group Problems (design 2 crosses as table group)

                                   Pass back homework & check answers (posted)

                                   Punnett Square Test Review Packet

                                   HMWK:  Finish packet 

Tuesday 2/19/19:  Finish packet & study for test

                              Punnett Square Test

Thursday 2/21/19:  Office Hours

                               Cancer & the Cell Cycle Journal Project - due Thursday 3/7


Monday 2/25/19:  Late Start

                             Discuss tests & hand back

                              Human Genetics scavenger hunt

                              Intro human genetics

                              Notes on pedigrees, population sampling & twin studies

                              Article & video on twins & parasitic twins

                              HMWK:  Pedigree Wkst.

Wednesday 2/27/19:Ab  Work on Cancer & Cell Cycle Journal Project with chromebooks

Friday 3/1/19:  Office Hours

                        Collect homework

                        Pedigree Warm-up (quiz)

                         I'm My Own Grandpa

                         Notes on dom/rec traits

                         Discuss human traits lab

                         Notes on multiple alleles

                         HMWK:  Blood Typing Punnett Square Wkst.

Tuesday 3/5/19:  Overhead Review - pedigrees

                             Notes on polygenic, sex-linked & sex-influenced traits

                             Sex-linked punnett squares

                             Discuss genetics extra credit assignment 

                             Genetic disorders (mutations - spider sis, parasitic twins, hypertrichosis, xeroderma pigmentosa, Max's story, no sweat

                                 glands, progeria, congenital insensitivity to pain)

Thursday 3/7/19:  Office Hours

                             Collect homework

                             Warm-up - Sex-linked pedigree & blood typing

                             Hand back homework & go over

                             Notes on nondisjunction

                             Pedigree Lab

                             HMWK:  Pedigree Lab

Monday  3/11/19:  Late Start

                             Collect homework

                             Warm-up:  Calico Cats

                             Notes:  detecting disorders (ultrasound)

                             Karyotype Lab

                             HMWK:  Finish lab & study for test with review sheet

Wednesday 3/13/19:  Test Review Powerpoint

                                   Human Genetics Test

Friday  3/15/19:  Discuss test

                            DNA Warm-up Intro (True/False)

                            Discovery of DNA History Webquest

                                    Many, many years ago

                                    Friedrich Miescher

                                    Frederick Griffith

                                    Oswald Avery, McCarty and McLeod

                                    Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase

                                    Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase - another one

                                    Erwin Chargaff

                                    Rosalind Franklin

                                    James Watson and Francis Crick

Tuesday 3/19/19:  Turn in homework

                              Turn in warm-up books

                               Pride and Joy Activity

                               HMWK:  IF you didn't finish in class, do all questions & drawing of child to turn in next class

Thursday 3/21/19:  Turn in Pride and Joy Activity

                               Go over test & hand back

                               1/2 slips of genetic discoveries for timeline - 20 minutes to look up on chromebook, make index cards

                               Hand back DNA webquest - go over & check answers

                               Put info on timeline - adding extra info (students stand and share)

                               History of DNA Quiz - 5 questions to finish timeline

Monday 3/25/19:  Late Start

                             HHMI Video of Discovery of DNA showing Watson, Crick, Franklin & Wilkins

                             Warm-up - Case Studies in Genetics & Ethics (write individually, discuss as group, talk as class)

                             Notes on structure of DNA 

                             Video:  Structure of DNA

                             Notes on DNA replication

                             Cool Down - Label the DNA

                             HMWK:   Try the Replication Game

Wednesday 3/27/19:  Make DNA

Friday 3/29/19: (Ab)  Finish DNA

                                  Turn in Extra Credit

                                  Amoeba Sisters - DNA Structure 

                                  Amoeba Sisters - Replication

                                  DNA Structure & Replication Review (quiz) - use notes & book


Tuesday 4/9/19:   Warm-up - Utah Genetics

                          "What makes a firefly glow" Utah Genetics

                          Notes on Transcription (Transcription game)

                          Notes on Translation (Translation game)

                          Video:  Understanding DNA on protein synthesis

                          DNA Rap

                          Chapter 8 Quiz

                          HMWK:  Practice with games Protein Synthesis game

                                                                          Build a DNA

                                                                          Another Protein Synthesis

                                        Study for test - DNA review sheet

                                                              -  watch this (3 min.) or this (5 min.)

Thursday 4/11/19:  Notes - Mutation (mutagens, examples, germ cell vs. somatic cell)

                               Transcribe & Translate own DNA

                               Another picture of protein synthesis to label:  Process # 1 Transcription

                                                                                                     Process #2 Translation

                                                                                                     M = DNA

                                                                                                     N = mRNA

                                                                                                     Z = codon

                                                                                                     P = amino acid

                                                                                                     Q = tRNA or anticodon

                                                                                                     R = ribosome

                                                                                                     X = codon

                               HMWK:  Study for test next class (review sheet)

                                              Finish DNA protein synthesis

Monday 4/15/19:  Late Start

                             Turn in protein synthesis/time to study

                             DNA Test

Wednesday 4/17/19:  Office Hours

                                   Protein Synthesis District Performance Task

                                   Watch GATTACA


Friday 4/19/19:  Office Hours 

                           Finish GATTACA

                          Work on Reflection Questions


Tuesday 4/23/19:  Office Hours

                              Discuss movie

                              Discuss test & pass back

                                Genetic Engineering Webquest

                                  Article on GMO’s:

                                  Countries with Biotech Crops:

                                  Questions 5, 6 & 7:

                                  How are GM organisms (plants) made:

                                  Pesticide-Resistant Crops:

                                  #5 Potential Problems:


                                  Organisms currently being researched:


Thursday 4/25/19: Collect Webquest   

                               Real or Fake Warm-up 

                               Biotechnology Intro. Powerpoint & Learn Genetics - GMO's

                               Fill in chart with Applied Genetics packet & discuss in groups

                               Go over chart with class as beginning of notes w/ super cow clip

                               Notes to finish on PCR & Recombinant DNA (powerpoint)

                               Closure - check for understanding (excited about, questioning & want to know more about) - answer 1-6 pg. 279


Monday 4/29/19:  Late Start

                             GMO - Genetics Symposium (design a new organism)


Wednesday 4/30/19:  Watch 9 genetically modified organisms

                                  Time to work on new organisms

                                  Hand back papers and discuss grades


Friday 5/2/19:  Office Hours

                        Collect Genetics Symposium Organism Proposal

                        Biotechnology Quest - use book & notes 

Tuesday 5/7/19:  Warm-up:  Evolution Free Write

                            Abiogenesis vs. Biogenesis Chart with Redi, Needham, Spallanzani & Pasteur -- fill in using chart

                            Video:  "Nova:  Origins of Life" with video questions

                            HMWK:  Finish video questions for extra credit

Thursday 5/9/19:  Office Hours

                             Turn in video questions       

                             Hand back & discuss chart

                             Notes:  Macro vs. Microevolution powerpoint

                                 (including order events & most interesting fossils found)

                             HMWK:  5 major extinction events -  bring in completed next class

Monday 5/13/19:  Late Start

                            Turn in extinction events 

                             Geological Timescale Warm-up

                             Evolution Station Lab - visit 4 stations & answer questions about evidences of evolution

                             HMWK:  Study for quiz on evidences of evolution lab (if you did the lab you will be fine)

Wednesday 5/15/19:  Late Start

                                   Evidence of Evolution Quiz

                                   Nova:  Evolution & Lice

                                   Warm-up:  What did lice tell us about our evolution & how?

                                   Go over quiz & lab (using nova videos:  biogeography, guess the embryo, DNA - facts of evolution the molecules of


                                   Confused... watch this

Friday 5/17/19:  Office Hours

                          Warm-up:  Evidences of Evolution

                          Who's On First Relative dating activity (30 minutes) - turn in

                          Fossil dating video - absolute dating (how 1/2 lives work)

                          Explain how to do math to figure out half-lives

                          Twizzlers Half-Life Activity

                          2 practice 1/2 life problems

                          HMWK:  Finish lab questions if necessary

Tuesday 5/21/19:  1/2 Life Warm-up

                              Lamarck & Darwin Notes (powerpoint)

                              Darwin videos

                              Battle at Kruger Video

                              Darwin Awards



Thursday 5/23/19:  Warm-up:  Natural Selection Cartoon Powerpoint & Amoeba Sisters Natural Selection 1/2 sheet

                               Intro. Lab - Bird Beak Natural Selection

                               HMWK:  Finish lab if you didn't in class

Tuesday 5/28/19:  

                             Warm-up: Adaptations & 1/2 life

                             Notes:  Mechanisms of Evolution

                             Amoeba sisters - Genetic Drift

                             HMWK:  Speciation through isolation wkst.


Thursday 5/30/19: Warm-up Skittles

                             Microevolution Video w/ Questions

                             Skittles Genetic Drift Lab


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