Periods 1

Tuesday 1/14/20:  Warm-up

                                   Welcome Back - discuss material covered in second semester & keys to success

                                   2nd Semester Current Event - find article related to topics covered in second semester & do summary

                                          - due Tuesday 1/21


Wednesday 1/15/20:  Finish working on current event


Thursday 1/16/20:  Warm-up - Intro. Cell Division

                               Notes:  Why cells divide?/asexual vs. sexual reproduction (benefits, negatives & examples)



Friday 1/17/20:  

                          Mitosis Poster - finish in class

Tuesday 1/21/20:  Mitosis Review - Warm-up

                            Video Clip:  Aphid cloning & ability to switch to sexual reproduction

                            Mitosis Notes

                            Mitosis Video


Wednesday 1/22/20:  Fix posters if necessary (make needed corrections based on notes)

                                   HMWK:  Cell Division & Mitosis Wkst.

                                                        back is homework to be completed with website Virtual Lab:  Cell Cycle & Cancer

Thursday 1/23/20:   Warm-up - Cell Cycle & Cancer Video - Amoeba sisters

                               Cell Cycle & Mitosis Webquest

                                        Prokaryotic Cell Division 1

                                        Prokaryotic Cell Division 2

                                        Binary Fission

                                        Reasons why cells divide

                                        Parts involved in cell division


                                        Sister Chromatids

                                        Stages of the Cell Cycle

                                        Onion Root Tip - Online Lab Activity

Friday 1/24/20:  Rally Schedule

                          Finish webquest

Monday 1/27/20:  Late Start

                             Turn in Webquest

                              Mitosis Station Warm-up


Tuesday 1/28/20:  Notes on Meiosis

                              Meiosis Video - Amoeba sisters

                              Mitosis vs. Meiosis Exit Ticket


Wednesday 1/29/20:   Recess Wednesday

                                    Mitosis Slides Warm-up

                                    Mitosis Lab - Pre-lab only

Thursday 1/30/20:  Office Hours

                               Complete Mitosis Lab

                               HMWK:  Study for test  - review sheet  (remember the test is application of information learned)

                                            Finish lab if you didn't in class (due tomorrow)


Friday 1/31/20:  Office Hours                     

                          Grade other class' mitosis poster

                          Study w/ Mitosis/Meiosis comparison

Monday 2/3/20:  Late Start

                          Cell Division Test

                          HMWK:  Ratio homework

Tuesday 2/4/20:   Go over Ratio Wkst.

                            Ratio Quiz

                            Probability Notes

Wednesday 2/5/20:   Probability Lab

                                 HMWK:  Finish lab


Thursday 2/6/20:     Office Hours

                                Probability Warm-up

                                 Discuss quiz

                                 Notes on Mendel & Punnett Squares

                                 Do I Understand the Notes?  Wkst. - work on and go over


Friday 2/7/20:    Office Hours

                           Punnett Square Activity - with beans

Monday 2/10/20:   Mendel Warm-up

                             Punnett Square Computer Lab


Tuesday 2/11/20:  Finish Computer Lab

                             HMWK:  1 Trait Punnett Squares

Wednesday 2/12/20:  Recess Wednesday

                                   3 Sample Punnett Squares Warm-up

                                   Notes:  Incomplete dominance 

                                   Get packet of Punnett squares (ONLY WORK ON FIRST PAGE OF INCOMPLETE DOMINANCE)


Thursday 2/13/20:  Rally Schedule

                               Notes:  Dihybrid cross

                              Show smurf problem

                              Complete Packet of Punnett Squares w/ incomplete dominance & dihybrid crosses (spongebob)

                              HMWK:  Finish packet

Tuesday 2/18/20:    Collect homework

                               Warm-up - Powerpoint Incomplete & Dihybrid Crosses

                               Punnett Square Group Problems (design 2 crosses as table group)

Wednesday 2/19/20:(AB)  Recess Wednesday

                                          Punnett Square Test Review Packet


Thursday 2/20/20:  Office Hours

                               Discuss Punnett Square Test Review Packet

                               Time to study


Friday 2/21/20:  Office Hours

                          Punnett Square Test

Monday 2/24/20:  Late Start

                             Discuss tests 

                              Human Genetics scavenger hunt

                              Intro human genetics


Tuesday 2/25/20:  Notes on pedigrees, population sampling & twin studies

                              Article & video on twins & parasitic twins

                              HMWK:  Pedigree Wkst.

Wednesday 2/26/20:   Collect homework

                                    Pedigree Warm-up (quiz)

                                    I'm My Own Grandpa

                                    Notes on dom/rec traits


Thursday 2/27/20:  Office Hours

                               Discuss human traits lab

                              Notes on multiple alleles

                               HMWK:  Blood Typing Punnett Square Wkst.

Friday 2/28/20:  Office Hours  

                          Overhead Review - pedigrees & blood types

                          Discuss genetics extra credit assignment 

                           Genetic disorders (mutations - spider sis, parasitic twins, hypertrichosis, xeroderma pigmentosa, Max's story, no sweat

                                      glands, progeria, congenital insensitivity to pain)


Monday 3/2/20:  Late Start

                           Notes on polygenic, sex-linked & sex-influenced traits

                           Sex-linked punnett squares

Tuesday  3/3/20:   Collect homework

                             Warm-up - 3 pedigrees w/ sex-linked

                             Hand back homework & go over

                             Notes on nondisjunction


Wednesday 3/4/20:  Pedigree Lab

Thursday 3/5/20:  Office Hours

                             Collect homework

                             Warm-up:  Calico Cats

                             Notes:  detecting disorders (ultrasound)


Friday 3/6/20:  Karyotype Lab

                        HMWK:  Finish lab & study for test with review sheet

Monday 3/9/20:  SCHOOL CANCELLED

Tuesday 3/10/20:  SCHOOL CANCELLED


Wednesday 3/11/20:  Test Review Powerpoint


Thursday 3/12/20:  Human Genetics Test

Friday 3/13/20: Office Hours

                            Discuss test

                            DNA Warm-up Intro (True/False)

                            Discovery of DNA History Webquest

                                    Many, many years ago

                                    Friedrich Miescher

                                    Frederick Griffith

                                    Oswald Avery, McCarty and McLeod

                                    Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase

                                    Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase - another one

                                    Erwin Chargaff

                                    Rosalind Franklin

                                    James Watson and Francis Crick

Monday 3/16/20:  Late Start

                             Finish webquest


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