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Periods 5 

Tuesday 1/14/20:  Warm-up - what did you do well first semester/what can you improve

                                   Welcome Back - discuss material covered in second semester & keys to success

                                   2nd Semester Current Event - find article related to topics covered in second semester & do summary

                                          - due Tuesday 1/21


Thursday 1/16/20:  Warm-up - Intro. Cell Division

                               Notes:  Why cells divide?/asexual vs. sexual reproduction (benefits, negatives & examples)

                               Mitosis Poster - finish in class

Tuesday 1/21/20:  Mitosis Review - Warm-up

                            Video Clip:  Aphid cloning & ability to switch to sexual reproduction

                            Mitosis Notes

                            Mitosis Video

                            Fix posters if necessary (make needed corrections based on notes)

                            HMWK:  Cell Division & Mitosis Wkst.

                                                 back is homework to be completed with website Virtual Lab:  Cell Cycle & Cancer

Thursday 1/23/20:   Warm-up - Cell Cycle & Cancer Video - Amoeba sisters

                               Cell Cycle & Mitosis Webquest

                                        Prokaryotic Cell Division 1

                                        Prokaryotic Cell Division 2

                                        Binary Fission

                                        Reasons why cells divide

                                        Parts involved in cell division


                                        Sister Chromatids

                                        Stages of the Cell Cycle

                                        Onion Root Tip - Online Lab Activity

Monday 1/27/20:  Late Start

                             Turn in Webquest

                              Mitosis Station Warm-up

                              Notes on Meiosis

                              Meiosis Video - Amoeba sisters

                              Mitosis vs. Meiosis Exit Ticket

Wednesday 1/29/20:   Recess Wednesday

                                    Mitosis Slides Warm-up

                                    Mitosis Lab

                                    HMWK:  Study for test  - review sheet  (remember the test is application of information learned)

                                                  Finish lab


Friday 1/31/20:  Office Hours                     

                          Grade other class' mitosis poster


                          Cell Division Test

                          HMWK:  Ratio homework

Tuesday 2/4/20:   Go over Ratio Wkst.

                            Ratio Quiz

                            Probability Notes

                            Probability Lab

                            HMWK:  Finish lab


Thursday 2/6/20:  Office Hours

                              Probability Warm-up

                               Discuss quiz

                               Notes on Mendel & Punnett Squares

                               Do I Understand the Notes?  Wkst. - work on and go over

                               Punnett Square Activity - with beans


Monday 2/10/20:   Mendel Warm-up

                             Punnett Square Computer Lab

                             HMWK:  1 Trait Punnett Squares

Wednesday 2/12/20:  Recess Wednesday

                                   3 Sample Punnett Squares Warm-up

                                   Notes:  Incomplete dominance & Dihybrid crosses

                                   Show smurf problem

                                   Packet of Punnett Squares w/ incomplete dominance & dihybrid crosses (spongebob)

                                   HMWK:  Finish packet

Tuesday 2/18/20:    Collect homework

                               Warm-up - Powerpoint Incomplete & Dihybrid Crosses

                               Punnett Square Group Problems (design 2 crosses as table group)

                               Pass back homework & check answers (posted)

                               Punnett Square Test Review Packet

                               HMWK:  Finish packet 

Thursday 2/20/20:  Finish packet & study for test

                                   Punnett Square Test

Monday 2/24/20:  Late Start

                             Discuss tests 

                              Human Genetics scavenger hunt

                              Intro human genetics

                              Notes on pedigrees, population sampling & twin studies

                              Article & video on twins & parasitic twins

                              HMWK:  Pedigree Wkst.

Wednesday 2/26/20:   Collect homework

                                    Pedigree Warm-up (quiz)

                                    I'm My Own Grandpa

                                    Notes on dom/rec traits

                                    Discuss human traits lab

                                    Notes on multiple alleles

                                    HMWK:  Blood Typing Punnett Square Wkst.

Friday 2/28/20:  Office Hours  

                          Overhead Review - pedigrees & blood type

                           Notes on polygenic, sex-linked & sex-influenced traits

                           Sex-linked punnett squares

                           Discuss genetics extra credit assignment 

                           Genetic disorders (mutations - spider sis, parasitic twins, hypertrichosis, xeroderma pigmentosa, Max's story, no sweat

                                      glands, progeria, congenital insensitivity to pain)

Tuesday  3/3/20:   Collect homework

                             Warm-up - 3 pedigrees w/ sex-linked

                             Hand back homework & go over

                             Notes on nondisjunction

                             Pedigree Lab

Thursday 3/5/20:  Office Hours

                             Collect homework

                             Warm-up:  Calico Cats

                             Notes:  detecting disorders (ultrasound)

                             Karyotype Lab

                             HMWK:  Finish lab & study for test with review sheet

Monday 3/9/20:  SCHOOL CANCELLED

Wednesday 3/11/20:   Test Review Powerpoint

                                   Human Genetics Test

Friday 3/13/20: Office Hours

                            Discuss test

                            DNA Warm-up Intro (True/False)

                            Discovery of DNA History Webquest

                                    Many, many years ago

                                    Friedrich Miescher

                                    Frederick Griffith

                                    Oswald Avery, McCarty and McLeod

                                    Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase

                                    Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase - another one

                                    Erwin Chargaff

                                    Rosalind Franklin

                                    James Watson and Francis Crick

Week of 3/16 - 3/20:

             Work on make up work & extra credit - due Friday


Week of 3/23 - 3/27:

              Enrichment on MVHS School website 

              Continue to work on & submit make up work 

Week of 3/30 - 4/3:  SPRING BREAK!!!!

Week of 4/6 - 4/10:  Begin Distance Learning - Introduction to DNA

       *  Watch the Amoeba sisters Introduction to DNA video.  Take notes on 1) DNA's structure 2) DNA's function - what does it do

                3) the three parts of a nucleotide 4) the base pairing rules.  Submit the notes microsoft teams (preferred) or email.

       *  Download the completed note outline.  These notes along with the ones from the video should help you understand the basic

               structure of DNA.

       *  Download the "Introduction to DNA POGIL" assignment.  All of the information that you need to answer the questions is given in 

               the assignment and can be found in the video, note outline or in your book.  Complete the assignment - either print, fill out, 

                take a picture & send in OR  type answers on a word document and submit.

Week of 4/13 - 4/17:  DNA Replication & Transcription

        *   Read over the summary (notes) about how a cell copies its DNA - Replication

        *  Print out the note outline for transcription and fill in using the Transcription Power Point.  Take your time going over the notes..

              this topic can get confusing.  Submit the completed notes on Microsoft Teams.

        *  If the notes confuse you, watch the following clip on Transcription (stop the video at 1:15) 

        *  You will create a simple story that explains DNA replication and transcription to a MIDDLE SCHOOLER.  You will type this up 

               and submit through Microsoft Teams.  Here is an explanation of the assignment.

Week of 4/20 - 4/24:  Translation (The Entire Process of Protein Synthesis)

         *  Part 1: Take the quiz

         *  Part 2:  Print out the note outline for translation and fill in using the video attached on Microsoft Teams.  Submit the completed

                notes on Microsoft Teams.

         *  Part 3:  Print out and fill in the Translation Wrap-up.  It is important to understand the process of translation and protein synthesis

                as a whole.  Watch the animation attached.  It should help with the process of translation.

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