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Periods 3 & 5

Tuesday 1/15/19:   Collect break assignment

                               What do you remember?  Ch. 18-20 Warm-up #25 - work on for 20 minutes

                               Go over answers with animations from book & hippocampus

                                   while covering notes on genetics of viruses & bacteria

                               Discuss Baby Project Month 3

                               HMWK:   Biotech - check out these animations & take these quizzes



Thursday 1/17/19:  Go over answers with animations from book & hippocampus

                               Biotech - check out these animations & take these quizzes



                              HMWK:  Hand out Ch. 22-24 & 26 Vocabulary - due next Thursday (NOT TYPED - written or flashcards)

                                             Quiz next Tuesday over vocabulary

                                             Print out the Ch. 22 note outline for tomorrow

                                             BE READING CHAPTER 22

                                             Do the activity on Epigenetics - due Tuesday

Tuesday 1/22/19:   Rally Schedule

                               Warm-up #26 (What do you know about Darwin?)

                               Ch. 22 Notes (w/ Darwin videos & supercow)

                               Battle at Kruger Video

                               Darwin Awards

                               HMWK:  Finish Vocabulary & be ready for quiz next class

                                               Print out Ch. 23 Note outline for next class

Thursday 1/24/19:  Collect Vocabulary

                               Ch. 22-25 Vocabulary Quiz

                               Finish Ch. 22 Notes - Evidences of Evolution

                               Warm-up (Cool Down) #27 (Chapter 22 Self Quiz) - finish & go over

                               HMWK:  Print out Ch. 23 Note outline if you have not yet done so

                                              Be reading Ch. 23

Monday 1/28/19:  Late Start

                             Intro. Ch. 23 - Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

                             Teddy Graham Hardy-Weinberg Activity - finish & turn in

                             Finish notes on Ch. 23 

                             HMWK:  Modes of Natural Selection - Do you understand them?

                                           Chapter 24 Note Outline - print out

Wednesday 1/30/19:  Recess Wednesday

                                   Warm-up #28 (Hardy-Weinberg problems & natural selection scenario)

                                   Go over the warm-up

                                   Ch. 24 Notes (powerpoint)

                                   HMWK:  Have you read Ch. 22-24????

Friday 2/1/19:  Office Hours

                        Evo Bio Parody Video

                         Chapter 23 & 24 Review Questions

                         Check answers - Hardy- Weinberg questions

                         HMWK:  Print out Lab 8 - Population Genetics 

                                       Explain the objectives on the answer sheet & READ THE LAB (be ready & know what you will be doing)

Tuesday 2/5/19:  Go over answers from review - natural selection questions & #13

                            Lab 8 - collect data (lab due Monday 2/11)

                            HMWK:  Study for test next class  - evolution practice test

                                           Go to past essay questions to look for evolution based essays that you could get on the test

Thursday 2/7/19:  Ch. 22-25 Test

                             HMWK:  Lab due next class

Monday 2/11/19:  Late Start

                             Collect lab

                             Warm-up #30

                             Discuss essay questions 1999 about domains

                             Intro. Ch. 27 - Prokaryote Notes - use on quiz next class

                             HMWK:  Read Ch. 27

                                            Need Ch. 27 note outline for next class

                                            Baby Project - Month 6 due 2/21/19

Wednesday 2/13/19:  Recess Wednesday

                                   Warm-up #31 - Bacteria Quiz

                                   Ch. 27 Notes w/ hippocampus

                                   Hand out Packet O Fun

                                   HMWK:  NEED CH. 28 NOTE OUTLINE FOR NEXT CLASS!!!

                                                 Have you read Ch. 27?

Tuesday 2/19/19:  Bacteria Hippocampus

                              Show The Coming Plague - discovery of penicillin & discuss HAI's

                              Warm-up #32 - Bacteria Review

                              Intro. Protists - Bozeman Biology Protists & Endosymbiotic Theory

                              HMWK:  Read pg. 575-577

                                            Baby Project - Month 6 due next class

Thursday 2/21/19:(Ab)  Turn in baby project

                                      Protista Poster - work on as table group

                                      Read Malaria article

                                      HMWK:  Print out Ch. 31 note outline for next class!!!

Monday 2/25/19:  Late Start

                             Protista Animation (hippocampus) - can add to notes

                             Warm-up #33 - Protista Quiz

                             Protista Powerpoint to review

                             Fungi Notes

                             Video:  The Rotten World Among Us

                             Intro. Cladograms  & Phylogenetics on Hippocampus


                                          Watch the following videos:  Archae




                                           Parade thru the Kingdoms (packet o fun) due Friday

Wednesday 2/27/19:  Cladogram Activity/Lab - due end of period

                                   HMWK:  Study for test - Test Review & Test Review Answers

                                                  Finish Parade thru Kingdoms

                                                  Video:  Cladograms



Friday 3/1/19:  Office Hours

                         Turn in Parade thru Kingdoms


Tuesday 3/5/19:(Ab)  Warm-up #34

                                   Roots, Stems & Leaves Microscope Activity

Thursday 3/7/19:  Office Hours

                             Ch. 29 & 30 outline with powerpoint

                             Plant Packet - hand out & discuss packet expectations

                             HMWK:  Bring Plant Packet every day - finish Ch. 35 questions


Monday 3/11/19:  Late Start

                            Discuss test short answers

                            Warm-up #35 (skipped - NOT IN WARM-UP SECTION)

                            Notes on Ch. 35 & 36 w/ animations

                            Test scores back

                            HMWK:  Finish Ch. 36 questions in packet for next class

Wednesday 3/13/19:(Ab)  Warm-up #36 - work on for 10 minutes

                                          Read Transpiration Lab

                                          Work on Plant Packet -need to work on  Ch. 37 questions in packet for next class

Friday 3/15/19:   Transpiration Lab

                             HMWK:   Finish lab (answer questions & graph sample data)

                                             Ch. 37 should be complete for next class

                                            You can start Ch. 38 in packet if you are feeling it

Tuesday 3/19/19:  Transpiration Review (powerpoint)

                             Free-Response (choice of 2) - 22 minutes

                             Give free-response to another student & grade w/ rubric (#3 4.54 mean #4 3.98 mean)

                             Notes:  Ch. 37 w/animation of cation exchange (book), soil (hippocampus) & root nodule (link)

                             Animation of most amazing carnivorous plants

                             HMWK:  Finish Ch. 38 for next class

                                           Print out & complete Plant Reproduction Questions for next class

Thursday 3/21/19:  Office Hours

                                   Collect homework

                                   Plant Structure & Transport Review - work individually & then together before turning in

                                   Notes on Ch. 38 - Plant Reproduction w/ cones & hippocampus animation & book animations

                                   "Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind" movie

                                   HMWK:  Finish Ch. 39 Questions


Monday 3/25/19:  Late Start

                             Warm-up #37

                             Discuss using fruit powerpoint

                             Notes Ch. 39 - hormones, tropisms, etc. using animations from book & hippocampus

                             HMWK:  Study for test & finish plant packet up

                                                      Practice test

                                                      Answers to practice test

                                            Plant Growth in Space

Wednesday 3/27/19:  Collect Plant Packet

                                   Plant Test

Friday 3/29/19:(Ab)   Hand out Animal Overviews - Invertebrate & Vertebrate Comparison Charts

                                 Work on charts - using Ch. 32-34

                                 Discuss Spring Break Assignment

                                              Animal Take-home Test

                                              Ch. 43 - Immunity Questions

SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 4/9/19:  Collect break work

                            Make chart of systems with invertebrate & vertebrate to add notes

                            Invertebrate Notes - powerpoint

Thursday 4/11/19:  Office Hours

                               Warm-up:  Body Systems Intro to Human Body

                               Vertebrate Notes -powerpoint


Monday 4/15/19:  Late Start

                             Immunity Notes

                             Immunity Video (add to notes)


                                            Watch animation:  Humoral & cell-mediated immunity & add to notes

                                            Go to Bozeman & Crash Course Biology websites & answer questions after watching immunity videos

                                            COLLECTING THE VIDEO QUESTIONS NEXT CLASS


                                                     ABSENT TODAY)

Wednesday 4/17/19:  Office Hours

                                   Immunity Warm-up (Holes)

                                   Immunity Quiz & turn in video questions

                                   HMWK:  Nervous System 

Ecology Review Night:  Ecology Powerpoint

                                      Ecology Note Outline

Friday 4/19/19:  Office Hours

                          Collect homework

                          Nervous System - notes

                          AP Pre-Registration

                          Get essays & discuss when they are due

                          HMWK:  Start those essays or lab bench


Tuesday 4/23/19:   Endocrine Notes

                               Endocrine Quiz - 3 case studies (use book)

Thursday 4/25/19:  Genetics Grid-in

                               Time to work

Monday 4/29/19:  Late Start

                             Math Grid-In

                             Time to work

                              HMWK:  Check out this Bozeman Review

Wednesday 5/1/19:  Lab Bench Quiz

Friday 5/3/19:      Office Hours

                            Words to Know #7  

                            Go over answers

                            Discuss/show what second 1/2 of test looks like (difference between long & short free-response) & timing

                            Time to work on essays, etc.


Tuesday 5/7/19:  Words to Know

                             Go over lab bench quiz

                            HMWK:  Bozeman Bio Videos on AP Practices


Thursday 5/9/19:  Office Hours

                             Words to know

                             Letter to students to discuss test

                             Time to study/write essays

MONDAY 5/13/19:  AP BIOLOGY TEST 7:15 a.m.


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