Periods 3 & 7

Tuesday 1/14/20:  Turn in Winter Break Assignment

                              Fruit Fly lab & mitosis/meiosis review & discuss final 

                              Discuss Genetics Timeline - powerpoint (W.U #19)

                               Notes on DNA Structure & basics of replication

                               Notes on replication - with animations (& hippocampus)

                                     If you are struggling:  Read Section 16.3 & watch this animation:  Replication

                               HMWK:  Check out these animations:  DNA Structure

                                                                                            DNA Bozeman - best one


                                             Do you know the function of the enzymes involved in replication:  helicase, primase, topoisomerase, single-strand binding

                                                proteins, DNA ligase, DNA polymerase

Thursday 1/16/20:  Replication Warm-up (#20)

                               Review protein synthesis in CP Biology book (outline)

                               Structure of DNA & Replication Questions to review (clicker)


Tuesday 1/21/20:  Fun Facts about James Watson

                              "Life Story" - movie


Thursday 1/23/20:  Finish movie

                               Answer questions 

                              Questions about "Life Story - Race for the Double Helix"

                                         (If you were absent for part of the movie:  Watch the Ted Talk with Watson, print out these questions and answer them)

                               Construction Paper Puppet Show of Protein Synthesis

                               Ch. 17 Notes w/ animations & hippocampus

                               Watch this animation multiple times to review the process & enzymes involved:  Protein Synthesis

                               HMWK:  Study animations

                                             Print out "The Biology of the Sickle Cell", watch videos & answer questions








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