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Periods 3 & 7

Tuesday 1/14/20:  Turn in Winter Break Assignment

                              Fruit Fly lab & mitosis/meiosis review & discuss final 

                              Discuss Genetics Timeline - powerpoint (W.U #19)

                               Notes on DNA Structure & basics of replication

                               Notes on replication - with animations (& hippocampus)

                                     If you are struggling:  Read Section 16.3 & watch this animation:  Replication

                               HMWK:  Check out these animations:  DNA Structure

                                                                                            DNA Bozeman - best one


                                             Do you know the function of the enzymes involved in replication:  helicase, primase, topoisomerase, single-strand binding

                                                proteins, DNA ligase, DNA polymerase

Thursday 1/16/20:  Replication Warm-up (#20)

                               Review protein synthesis in CP Biology book (outline)

                               Structure of DNA & Replication Questions to review (clicker)


Tuesday 1/21/20:  Fun Facts about James Watson

                              "Life Story" - movie


Thursday 1/23/20:  Finish movie

                               Answer questions 

                              Questions about "Life Story - Race for the Double Helix"

                                         (If you were absent for part of the movie:  Watch the Ted Talk with Watson, print out these questions and answer them)

                               Construction Paper Puppet Show of Protein Synthesis

                               Ch. 17 Notes w/ animations & hippocampus

                               Watch this animation multiple times to review the process & enzymes involved:  Protein Synthesis

                               HMWK:  Study animations

                                             Print out "The Biology of the Sickle Cell", watch videos & answer questions


Monday 1/27/20:   Late Start

                                    Warm-up #21 - Review of Replication & Protein Synthesis

                                           attach picture of protein synthesis to label

                                     Go over warm-up with Words to Know - Replication & Protein Synthesis

                                     Protein Synthesis Bioflix

                                     Virus & Bacteria Questions - due Friday (NOT TYPED)

                                     HMWK:  Finish questions   


Wednesday1/29/20:  Recess Wednesday

                                  Organize diseases into categories with justification - do as table & turn in

                                  Virus Notes - w/ hippocampus & other animations

                                   HMWK:  Finish questions - due tomorrow

                                                 Print out rest of virus/bacteria note outline for tomorrow (only pages 5-8)


Friday 1/31/20:  Office Hours

                          Warm-up #23 - Viruses & Bacteria

                          Bacteria Genome, It's Recombination & Regulation Notes

                          HMWK:  Cholera Case Study

Tuesday 2/4/20:  Warm-up #24 - Operons & Gene Regulation

                           Go over w/ animations of gene regulation

                           Regulatory Switches in Stickleback - finish in class with chromebooks

                           Discuss test on Monday - what should I study


Thursday 2/6/20:  Office Hours

                             Collect Biotechnology website questions

                             Biotechnology Issue Assignment - work on in groups (if turned in before noon on Sunday = EC)

                             HMWK:  Study for test Monday

                                           Biotech 1

                                           Biotech 2

                                           Biotech 3

                                           Biotech 4

                                           Biotech 5

                                           Biotech 6


Monday 2/10/20:  Genomics Test 

                             HMWK:  BE READING CHAPTER 22

                                            Print out the Ch. 22 note outline for Wednesday

                                            Hand out Ch. 22-24 & 26 Vocabulary - due next Tuesday (NOT TYPED - written or flashcards)

Wednesday 2/12/20:   Warm-up #26 (What do you know about Darwin?)

                                    Ch. 22 Notes (w/ Darwin videos & supercow)

                                    Battle at Kruger Video

                                    Darwin Awards

                                    HMWK:  Finish Vocabulary & be ready for quiz next class

                                                   Print out Ch. 23 Note outline for next class

Tuesday 2/18/20:  Collect Vocabulary

                               Ch. 22-25 Vocabulary Quiz

                               Finish Ch. 22 Notes - Evidences of Evolution

                               Warm-up (Cool Down) #27 (Chapter 22 Self Quiz) - finish & go over

                               HMWK:  Print out Ch. 23 Note outline if you haven't already

                                             BE READING CH. 23

Thursday 2/20/20:  Office Hours

                             Intro. Ch. 23 - Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

                             Teddy Graham Hardy-Weinberg Activity - finish & turn in

                             Finish notes on Ch. 23 

                             HMWK:  Modes of Natural Selection - Do you understand them?

                                           Chapter 24 Note Outline - print out

                                           Watch "The Making of the Fittest:  Got Lactase?  The Co-Evolution of Genes and Culture?" , print out 

                                                Got Lactase  & make the graphs - due Monday

Monday 2/24/20:  Late Start

                              Warm-up #28 (Hardy-Weinberg problems & natural selection scenario)

                              Go over the warm-up

                              Ch. 24 Notes (powerpoint)

                              HMWK:  Have you read Ch. 22-24????

                                            Print out Lab 8 - Population Genetics 

                                            Explain the objectives on the answer sheet & READ THE LAB (be ready & know what you will be doing)

Wednesday 2/26/20:  Lab 8  - collect data & work on questions

                                   HMWK:  Lab 8 due next class


Friday 2/28/20:  Office Hours

                          Chapter 23 & 24 Review Questions

                          HMWK:  Study for test next class  - evolution practice test

                                        Go to past essay questions to look for evolution based essays that you could get on the test

                                        NEED HELP???  I will be available in my classroom before school Monday 7:30-8:00 and after school

Tuesday 3/3/20:  Ch. 22-25 Test


Thursday 3/5/20:  Office Hours

                             Warm-up #30 Bacteria or Virus

                             Discuss essay questions 1999 about domains

                             Intro. Ch. 27 - Prokaryote Notes - use on quiz next class (must be turned in Friday)

                             HMWK:  Read Ch. 27

                                            Need Ch. 27 note outline for next class

Monday 3/9/20:  SCHOOL CANCELLED - fill in Ch 27 notes


Wednesday 3/11/20:  Bacteria Quiz - Warm-up #31 (use note outline & prokaryote activity)

                                   Immunity POGIL to intro B (humoral) vs. T cells (cell-mediated) & watch animation:  Humoral & cell-mediated immunity 


Friday 3/13/20:  Pass back & go over bacteria quiz

                          Immunity (holes) Warm-up

                          Notes:  Immune System

Tuesday 3/17/20:  NO SCHOOL

                              Have you read Ch. 27?  Read it.

                              Watch the 15 min. video on Protists & Fungi

*** Go to College Board and do Unit 6 multiple choice and free response questions.

***  I have also reopened Units 1-5 for you to review for the test or complete if you never did it (get some points)

***  Work on any work you never turned in - submit for partial credit

SPRING BREAK - kind of

Week of 4/6 - 4/10:  Check Microsoft office account for actual assignment

     Water, Acids & Bases Notes - read through to refresh (better than reading book) - ignore questions at end

     Organic Macromolecules Notes - read through

      Macromolecule Bozeman Video - watch

      Protein POGIL - complete, submit through Microsoft teams




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