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Period 5 

Wednesday 8/14/19:  C Day

                                   Intro to MV & Assembly

Thursday 8/15/19:  C Day

                               Thinking like a Scientist

Friday 8/16/19:  Go over syllabus  (get signed)

                          Pet Peeves


                          Lab Safety - Lab Guidelines (get signed)


                          Fun Facts

                          Book Scavenger Hunt

                          HMWK:  Signed lab safety (guidelines)

                                        Signed syllabus

                                        Finish scavenger hunt

                                        NEED COMPOSITION BOOK

Tuesday 8/20/19:  Collect homework & signed forms

                              Seating Chart

                              Warm-up:  Is it Alive?

                              Characteristics of Life Notes

                              Levels of Organization Powerpoint - notes

                              Living or Non...That is the Question Activity

                              Discuss specimens (powerpoint)

                              HMWK:  Finish Living vs. Non activity if you didn't in class

                                            Get forms signed if not done already


Thursday 8/22/19:  Office Hour Schedule

                               Collect signed forms

                               Warm-up:  Overhead Review of Characteristics of Life & discuss lab L/NL/D

                               Discuss scavenger hunt & mistakes/Success in Bio

                               Seating Chart

                               Scientific Method Notes

                               Scientific Method Activity - Gummi Bears & The Scientific Method

                               HMWK:  Finish Gummi Bear lab (due Monday)

                                             Study for quiz (next class) on characteristics of life, levels of organization & scientific method

Monday 8/26/19:  Late Start Schedule

                             Turn in lab & any signed forms

                             Warm-up:  Simpsons Scientific Method Review

                             Time to discuss as lab groups & study notes


                             Microscope Notes

Wednesday 8/28/19:  Warm-up:  Microscope picture & graphing errors powerpoint

                                   Being a Scientist:   Graphing Activity

                                   Being a Scientist:  C.E.R. Activity

                                   HMWK:  Finish C.E.R. on viruses if you didn't in class

                                                 Study Microscope Parts 

Friday 8/30/19:(Ab)  Office Hours

                                 Warm-up:  Scientific Method & Microscope - printed

                                 Microscope Lab

                                 HMWK:  Finish lab questions if you didn't in class

                                               Study for test on Wednesday

Wednesday 9/4/19:  Turn in Microscope Lab

                                 Time to study & ask questions

                                 Chapter 1 Test

                                 HMWK:  Introduction to Ecology Wkst.


Tuesday 9/10/19:  Warm-up:  Living Relying on Nonliving

                              Discuss test & hand tests back

                              Introduction to Ecology Notes - powerpoint

                              Ecological Survey 

                              HMWK:  Finish research on chaparral biome on Ecological Survey - if didn't in class 

Thursday 9/12/19:  Office Hours

                               Collect Survey

                               Discuss Ecological Survey - what is the chaparral biome

                               Warm-up:  1/2 sheet using a food web

                               Notes:  heterotroph, autotroph, food chains, food webs

                               Coral Reef Ecosystem Activity -  assigned an organism, do research in class, make notecard for next class

Monday 9/16/19:  Late Start

                             Warm-up:  Read article about 10% rule, take notes & answer questions

                             Called up to put your organism (notecard) on the food web (front of class)

                             Discuss food web (what is missing, what can happen if disrupted)

                             Answer conclusion questions regarding the food web

                             Notes:  Energy Pyramids

                             Energy Transfer Analysis Activity 

                             HMWK:  Finish Activity if didn't in class

Wednesday 9/18/19:  Warm-up:  Chapter 13 Review w/ ecological pyramid

                                   Amoeba sisters Video Food Webs

                                   Cycle Jigsaw - (Intro. - get into expert groups & home groups)

                                   HMWK:  Study cycles for quiz:  Water & Carbon Cycles

                                                                                     Nitrogen & Phosphorus



Friday 9/20/19:  Office Hours

                          Cycles Video on computer - add to notes

                          Biogeochemical Cycles Quiz

                          Notes Ch. 14

                          EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY:  Symbiosis- due Friday 10/4 - NO LATE EXTRA CREDIT


Tuesday 9/24/19:  Discuss extra credit opportunity

                              Warm-up (T/F on cycles, types of symbiosis)

                              Notes - Ch. 14 - growth, carrying capacity

                              Rabbits, Rabbits, and More Rabbits:  Logistic Growth in Animal Populations

Thursday 9/26/19:  Warm-up:  Logistic Growth

                               Quizzes back & fix for more points

                               Behavior Activity

                               HMWK:  Study for test


Monday 9/30/19:  Late Start

                             Finish Behavior Activity - gallery walk

                             Time to ask questions

                             Ecology Test

Wednesday 10/2/19:   DHMO Warm-up

                                   Discuss DHMO & show penn & teller DHMO video

                                   Water Lab

                                   HMWK:  Water Review

Friday 10/4/19:  Collect homework

                              Water Notes

                              Acid/Base Notes (powerpoint)

                              Crash Course Video:  Global Carbon Cycle

                              Our Acidifying Ocean - Work on Part 1 & Part 2

                                          Link:  Our Acidifying Ocean

                                                or:  new link

                              HMWK:  Finish Part 2 for homework

Tuesday 10/8/19:  Discuss lab and what was going on

                              Get a chromebook & finish Part 3 of virtual lab (demonstrate for class how to measure)  

                              Discuss the lab results (powerpoint)

                              HMWK:  Macromolecule Introduction


Thursday 10/10/19:  Office Hours

                                 Collect homework

                                 Warm-up - Macromolecules

                                 Begin Macromolecule Notes - Carbs & Lipids

                                 Macromolecule Pamphlet - start working on using chromebooks

Monday 10/14/19:  

                               Finish notes  - Proteins & Nucleic Acids

                               Finish working on Pamphlet

                               HMWK:  Macromolecule Pamphlet due next week 10/21


Wednesday 10/16/19:  College & Career Kickoff


Thursday 10/17/19:  Macromolecule Cut-out Activity

                                 HMWK:  Finish pamphlet

Monday 10/21/19:  Late Start

                              Collect macromolecule cut-out activity

                              Notes:  Enzymes

                              Macromolecule Quiz (use pamphlet)

                              HMWK:  Read Toothpickase Lab

Wednesday 10/23/19:  Recess Wednesday

                                     Toothpickase Lab

Friday 10/25/19:  Office Hours

                            Indicator Lab


Tuesday 10/29/19:  Bean Juice Lab


Thursday 10/31/19:  Write up lab

                                 Lab due next class

Tuesday 11/5/19:  Collect lab

                             Biochemistry Test


Thursday 11/7/19:  Office Hours

                               Discuss Cell Extra Credit

                               Cell chart - finish for homework 


Tuesday 11/12/19:  Go over cell chart - check for accuracy

                                Disorders caused by cell organelles not functioning


Thursday 11/14/19:  Office Hours

                                 Warm-up:  Membrane

                                 Cell Transport Notes

                                    Diffusion/Osmosis Virtual Lab 


                                             Video:  How diffusion works


                                             Video:  How osmosis works

                                             Virtual Lab

                                    HMWK:  Finish Virtual Lab if didn't in class 

Monday 11/18/19:  Late Start

                               Collect homework

                               Cell Diversity Lab

                               HMWK:  Finish lab


Wednesday 11/20/19:  Turn in lab

                                     Cell & Cell Transport Test


Friday 11/22/19:  Office Hours

                            Osmosis Inquiry Procedure Write-up


Tuesday 12/3/19:  Osmosis Inquiry Lab


Thursday 12/5/19:  Office Hours


                               Intro to Photosynthesis Wkst.

Monday 12/9/19:  Late Start

                             Photosynthesis/Cell Respiration Notes


Wednesday 12/11/19:  Virtual Lab Photosynthesis/Cell Respiration

Friday 12/13/19:  Office Hours

                            Finals Review

                            Review Sheet

Tuesday 12/





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