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Period 7 

Wednesday 8/16/17:  C Day

                                   Slogan & "RITE" Discussion

Thursday 8/17/17:  C Day

                               Thinking like a Scientist

Friday 8/18/18:  Go over syllabus  (get signed)

                          Pet Peeves


                          Lab Safety - Lab Guidelines (get signed)


                          Fun Facts

                          Book Scavenger Hunt

                          HMWK:  Signed lab safety (guidelines)

                                        Signed syllabus

                                        Finish scavenger hunt

                                        NEED COMPOSITION BOOK

Tuesday 8/22/17:  Collect homework & signed forms

                              Warm-up:  Is it Alive?

                              Characteristics of Life Notes

                              Levels of Organization Powerpoint - notes

                              Living or Non...That is the Question Activity

                              HMWK:  Finish Living or Non Activity

                                             Get forms signed if not done already

                                             STILL NEED COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK

Thursday 8/24/17:  Collect homework & signed forms

                               Overhead Review (Warm-up) & discuss whether lab was L/NL/D

                               Discuss scavenger hunt & mistakes

                               Seating Chart

                               Scientific Method Notes

                               Scientific Method Activity - Gummi Bears & The Scientific Method

                               HMWK:  Finish Gummi Bear lab (due Monday)

                                             Study for quiz (next class) on characteristics of life, levels of organization & scientific method


Monday 8/28/17:  Minimum Day

                             Simpsons Scientific Method Review


                             HMWK:  Study Microscope Parts (use R8 in book)

Wednesday 8/30/17:  Warm-up

                                   Hand back & go over quizzes

                                   Microscope Notes

                                   Microscope Lab

                                   Test review/discussion

                                   HMWK:  Finish Microscope Lab

                                                 Study for test - Ch. 1 review sheet

Friday 9/1/17:  Collect Microscope Lab

                        Chapter 1 Test

                        HMWK:  Intro. to Ecology

Wednesday 9/6/17: Collect homework

                                Go over test (powerpoint)

                                Discuss how to be successful (in Bio & high school in general)

                                Amoeba Sisters Video Biological Levels

                                Intro. Murrieta Valley High School Ecological Survey

                                HMWK:  Start reading Ch. 13

Friday 9/8/17:  Collect ecological survey

                        Warm-up - producer, consumer, food chains vs. food webs

                        Ecology Intro. & get Ecology Packet - BRING TO CLASS EVERYDAY

                        Ch. 13 Notes (up to cycles)

                        Ecosystem Video (on tv) w/ questions

                        HMWK:  Ch. 13 questions from packet

Tuesday 9/12/17:  Warm-up:  Chapter 13 Review w/ ecological pyramid

                              Amoeba sisters Video Food Webs

                              Cycle Jigsaw - (Intro. - get into expert groups & home groups)

                              Cycles Video on computer - add to notes

                              HMWK:  Study cycles for quiz:  Water & Carbon Cycles

                                                                                 Nitrogen & Phosphorus

                                            Make sure all questions for Ch. 13 are completed

Thursday 9/14/17:  Biogeochemical Cycles Quiz

                               Notes Ch. 14 - including videos of predation and the types of symbiosis

                               Survivorship Curve Activity

                               HMWK:  Ch. 13 & 14 Questions should be completed in packet

                                              Read Ch. 13 & 14 to get ready for test next week

                                              Test Review Sheet

Monday 9/18/17:  Late Start

                             Collect Survivorship Curve Activity

                             Finish Ch. 14 Notes (population growth, survivorship curves, logistic vs. exponential growth, carrying capacity)

                             Chromebook - Predator Prey Simulation Activity

                             HMWK:  Finish Activity - if you didn't during class

                                           Study for ecology test next class

                                           DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR ECOLOGY PACKET NEXT CLASS!!

Wednesday 9/20/17:  Rally Schedule

                                   Warm-up (powerpoint - limiting factors, density-dependent factors, succession, climax community)

                                   Amoeba Sisters Video Ecological Succession

                                   Biogeochemical Cycles Quiz back & fix for more points

                                   Turn in Ecology Packet

                                   Ecology Test

                                   HMWK:  Introduction to Chemistry Wkst.

Friday 9/22/17:  Discuss tests & hand back

                          Discuss extra credit opportunity - Ecological Footprint - due October 4 - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

                          Notes to introduce chemistry (physical & chemical change)

                          Atomic Structure Wkst. - 10 min. & go over (they put answers on board) 

                          Notes:  Compounds (just introduce)

                          HMWK:  Naming Compounds Rules to Remember When Counting Atoms Page 1  Page 2

Tuesday 9/26/17:  Collect homework

                              Warm-up (counting atoms, drawing atom models)

                              Go over homework

                              Notes:  Mixtures

                              Wkst:  Compound Review (15 min)

                              Go over together

                              Notes:  Energy, reactions, bonding

                              HMWK:  Balancing Equations

                                            Know counting atoms, drawing atom models, molecular weight, balancing equations for quiz next class)


Thursday 9/28/27:(Ab)   Video:  Structure of the Atom (Richochet Science)

                                                   Understanding Atomic Number & Atomic Mass

                                                   Chemically Bonding - Ionic vs. Covalent

                                       Time to study for quiz

                                       Basic Chemistry Quiz

Monday 10/2/17:  Late Start

                             Water Lab

                             HMWK:  Water Review

Wednesday 10/4/17:  Collect homework

                                   Discuss Basic Chemistry Quiz & hand back

                                   Water Notes

                                   Acid/Base Notes (powerpoint)

                                   Crash Course Video:  Global Carbon Cycle

                                   Our Acidifying Ocean - Work on Part 1 & Part 2

                                          Link:  Our Acidifying Ocean

                                   HMWK:  Finish Part 2 for homework


Friday 10/6/17:  Discuss lab and what was going on

                          Get a chromebook & finish Part 3 of virtual lab (demonstrate for class how to measure)

                          Discuss the lab results (powerpoint)

                          Study if finished

                          Inorganic Quiz


                          HMWK:  Macromolecule Introduction


Tuesday 10/10/17:  Collect homework

                                Go over Inorganic Quiz - put in warm up book

                                Macromolecule Video w/ questions (& extra credit) - Part I

                                Macromolecule Notes

                                Macromolecule Video w/ questions (Part II)

                                HMWK:  Make 4 flashcards (organic compound on one side & monomer that makes it up on other) 

Wednesday 10/11/17:  College Kick-off Day (minimum day)


Friday 10/13/17:  Macromolecule Video w/ questions (Part III) - turn in at end of period

                            Macromolecule Pamphlet due Thursday 10/19/17 - time with chromebooks   


Tuesday 10/17/17:  Warm-up on macromolecules (w/ inorganic & chart)

                                Discuss pamphlet

                                Organic Compound (cut out) lab

                                HMWK:  Finish lab

                                              Macromolecule Pamphlet due next class

Thursday 10/19/17:  Collect homework (lab)

                                 Amoeba Sisters Biomolecules Video

                                 Molecules Gone Wild

                                 Quiz using pamphlet

                                 Enzyme notes

                                 Amoeba Sisters Enzyme Video

Monday 10/23/17:  Late Start

                               Collect homework

                               Toothpickase Activity

                               HMWK:  Study for test - Biochemistry Review Sheet


Wednesday 10/25/17:  Time to study & ask questions from review sheet

                                     Turn in Warm-up Books

                                     Chapter 2 - Biochemistry Test

                                     HMWK:  Read Bean Juice Lab& do hypothesis (3 questions)

Friday 10/27/17:   Class Cancelled - Fire Evacuation

Tuesday 10/31/17: (Ab)  Cell Chart

                                        HMWK:  Finish cell chart - due next class period


Wednesday 11/1/17:  No School - Senior Culminating Projects

Friday 11/3/17:  Discuss extra credit (Cell Unit Extension) - due 12/1 NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

                          Collect cell charts

                          Bean Juice Lab - collect data

                          Figure class data

                          Discuss lab rough draft (due 11/9) & final draft due dates (due11/29) - give out

                          Time to work on lab

                          HMWK:   Be working on lab rough draft

Tuesday 11/7/17:  Hand back & go over cell chart (with powerpoint)

                             Cell Organelle Animation (amoeba sisters or hippocampus)

                             Mitochondrial Disorders & Batten disease (The Doctors) video

                             Cell drawing - large, neat, in color, w/ LABEL LINES ONLY (do not label)

                             HMWK:  Flashcards - have ready for next class

                                           Finish Bean Juice rough draft - bring to class

                                           Study for quiz next class - cell organelles (know function & location)

Thursday 11/9/17:  Collect flashcards

                               Warm-up - Cell Picture (label)

                               Cell Poems

                               Discuss Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote & Plant vs. Animal

                               Rough Draft Peer Edit & collect


                               Cell Quiz

                               HMWK:  Cell Review Wkst. - due Tuesday

Tuesday 11/14/17:  Collect homework

                                Remind about extra credit & test next class

                                Cell Doctor Wkst - Warm-up

                                How do Cells Differ Lab

                                HMWK:  Finish lab if didn't in class (due next class)

                                              Study for Cell Test - Cell Review Sheet

Thursday 11/16/17:  Turn in lab - finish questions

                                 Time to ask question - label other persons cells

                                 Cell Test


Monday 11/27/17:  Late Start

                              Go over test & hand back

                              Cell Membrane Wkst 

                              Station Lab

                              HMWK:  Finish Wkst. for next class

                                            FINAL LAB REPORT DUE NEXT CLASS!!!

                                            EXTRA CREDIT DUE FRIDAY!!!

Wednesday 11/29/17: Collect labs

                                    Show video of cell membrane (animation)

                                    Warm-up - Cartoon in pool

                                    Ch. 3.4 & 3.5 Notes on Diffusion & Osmosis

                                    Diffusion/Osmosis Virtual Lab 


                                             Video:  How diffusion works


                                             Video:  How osmosis works

                                             Virtual Lab

                                    HMWK:  Finish Virtual Lab if didn't in class  

                                                  1st Semester Final Review Sheet

Friday 12/1/17:  Passive Transport Warm-up (1/2 sheet w/ powerpoint)

                          Transport Activity - using reference packet  

                          HMWK:  Look over the different types of transport in book (read 3.4 & 3.5)

                                         Study cell membrane structure (section 3.3)

                                         Check out these animations:  Osmosis

                                                                                         Passive vs. Active Transport


Tuesday 12/5/17:  Quiz

                              Go over transport activity (powerpoint)

                              Active Transport Video

                              "What type of transport am I"  powerpoint.

                               HMWK:  Energy Wkst. pg. 1 & pg. 2

                                              1st Semester Final Review Sheet

Thursday 12/7/17:  Collect homework

                               Energy Warm-up

                               Hand back & go over Ch. 4 Intro (as notes)

                               Notes for light & photosynthesis

                               Photosynthesis computer activity


Tuesday 12/12/17: Collect computer activity if you didn't turn in last class

                               Photosynthesis Warm-up (Intro.)

                               Photosynthesis Lab Analysis (using Bozeman Biology demonstration) 

                               HMWK:  Photosynthesis Review

                                             1st Semester Final Review Sheet


Thursday 12/14/17:  


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