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Periods 2 & 6

Wednesday 8/16/17:  C Day

                                   Slogan & "RITE" discussion

Thursday 8/17/17:  C Day

                               Intro 2-5 & 8 Test

Monday 8/21/17:  Lab Safety 

                            Discuss website

                            Remind invite


                            Handbook & AP Biology Redesign

                            HMWK:  Get handbook and lab safety signed

                                           Need Ch. 5 note outline for Wednesday 

                                           Do you know the functional groups?  Functional Groups

                                           Watch the following video on water:  Water in Space

                                           Supplies needed:  binder, pack of lined paper, 5 dividers & composition notebook with graph paper only


Wednesday  8/23/17:  Collect any signed forms

                                    Seating Chart

                                   Warm-up #1 (Scientific Method) & #2 (Functional Groups)

                                   Chapter 5 Notes (animations of carbs, lipids & protein)

                                   Hand out Packet O Fun 

                                   HMWK:  Read this article:  The Rise and Fall of Crisco

                                                 Macromolecule Quiz next class (know the monomer, bond, an example and function for each

                                                 Need Ch. 8 note outline for next class

                                                 NEED LAB NOTEBOOK

Friday 8/25/17:   Warm-up #3

                           Hippocampus of Macromolecules

                           Macromolecule Quiz

                           Notes on primary, secondary, tertiary & quaternary structure of proteins w/ paper model

                           Notes - Ch. 8 w/ hippocampus to introduce enzymes

                           Hand out & work on Packet O' Fun 

                           HMWK:  Need help with macromolecules?  Biomolecules

                                          Work on Packet O' Fun (due on test day - next Thursday)

                                          NEED LAB NOTEBOOK

Tuesday 8/29/17:   Warm-up #4 on enzymes (graph & explanation turn in)

                               Ch. 8 Notes to finish enzymes (pH, temp, inhibitors, etc.) w/ visuals (hippocampus)

                              HMWK:  Intro Pre-lab for Lab 2 Enzymes (print out lab & do the pre-lab in your lab notebook - due no later than Friday)

                                            Use these helpful pre-lab instructions  (you may also refer to your handbook for assistance)

                                            Study for test:  Multiple Choice practice

                                                                    Multiple Choice answers


Thursday 8/31/17:   Collect Packet O Fun & hand back quizzes

                                Chapter 2-5 & 8 Test

                                Work on Pre-lab - due by tomorrow (Friday 9/1) or can't participate in lab on Tuesday

Tuesday 9/5/17:  Pre-lab Quiz

                            Lab 2 - Enzyme Catalysis

                            HMWK:  DO NOT FINISH WRITING UP LAB YET

                                          Start reading Ch. 6

                                          Need Ch. 6 Note Outline for next class

Thursday 9/7/17:(Ab)  Warm-up #6

                                   Endomembrane System Explanation

                                   Hippocampus Animation - prokaryote vs. eukaryote, surface area to volume ratio issues, cell theory

                                   Notes on Ch. 6 up to Chloroplasts & Mitochondria

                                   Handout Ch. 6 & 7 Packet O' Fun

                                   Time to work on packet

                                   HMWK:  Study cell parts for quiz on Monday (Bozeman on cells)

                                                  Finish reading Ch. 6

                                                  Watch Mitochondrial Disorders

                                                  Bring lab notebook for class on Monday

Monday 9/11/17:  Warm-up #7

                             Finish Ch. 6 Notes w/ animation of cilia, gap junctions, desmosomes & tight junctions from book

                             Cell Animation (plant and animal)

                             Handout helpful lab write-up hints w/ sample data & discuss lab

                             Cell Video or time to study or work on lab

                             Cell Quiz with pictures

                             HMWK:  Read 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3

                                           Need Ch. 7 Note Outline for next class

                                           Lab write-up due Friday


Wednesday 9/13/17:  Quizzes - go over

                                  Warm-up #8

                                  Ch. 7 Notes w/ visuals (passive transport & cell membrane only)

                                  Video:  Understanding the Cell Membrane Part 1

                                  Hand back & go over tests

                                  HMWK:  Finish lab write-up (due next class)

                                                Check out review of cell membrane

                                                Go to this website & review concepts of diffusion & osmosis (water potential, etc.)  Diffusion & Osmosis

                                                 Read active transport (rest of Ch. 7)  

Friday 9/15/17:  Warm-up #9 (pics of transport in groups with add-on about osmotic potential & enzymes --- present)

                           Ch. 7 Notes on active transport with animations

                           Hippocampus: Review of transports

                           AP Cell Parts Review (1/2 sheet) - if time

                           HMWK:  Work on Packet O Fun (due next class)

                                          Check out this site to get a visual of the types of transport:  Animations of transport

                                          Do you understand water potential?  Water Potential Powerpoint

                                                                                                     Water Potential Questions & Answers

                                          Study for test  Chapter 6 & 7 Practice Multiple Choice


Tuesday 9/19/17:  Collect Ch. 6 & 7 Packet O' Fun

                             Time to study

                             Chapter 6 & 7 Test

Thursday 9/21/17:  Discuss & introduce baby project (get partner) Month 1

                                                                                                         Month 2

                                               (Helpful baby project link)

                               Watch Cellular Respiration Video

                               Hand out Chapter 9 Vocabulary & Questions (due next class) - ONLY WRITTEN - NOT TYPED

                               Time to work on questions or baby project

                               HMWK:  Finish Chapter 9 Vocab & Questions

                                             READ CHAPTER 9 (sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 & 9.4)

                                             Print out Ch. 9 Note Outline for next class

Monday 9/25/17:  Late Start

                             Warm-up #10 - Chapter 9 Quiz #1

                             Chapter 9 Cellular Respiration Notes

                             HMWK:  Have you read the sections suggested above?

                                           Cell Respiration Virtual Lab

Wednesday 9/27/17:  Collect homework

                                   Warm-up #11

                                   Picture to fill in - cellular respiration

                                   Cell Respiration Animation

                                   Cell Respiration Video

                                   Fermentation Notes

                                   Fermentation Video

                                   HMWK:  Can you write an essay using these words?  

                                                  Go to link:  Cyanide Case Study and complete questions

Friday 9/29/17:(Ab)  Collect homework

                                 Warm-up #12 

                                 More Ch. 9 Questions - due next class

                                 HMWK:  Finish questions

Tuesday 10/3/17:   Collect homework

                               Warm-up #13 - Thinking Critically (write silently for 20 minutes)

                               Collect & discuss

                                Notes on light & light reactions w/ animations

                               HMWK:  Read Sections 10.2, 10.3 & 10.4

                                              Watch light reaction animation


Thursday 10/5/17:  Discuss test corrections

                                Show my drawing of light reaction

                                Animation - hippocampus

                                Notes - Calvin Cycle

                                  (my drawing of calvin cycle)

                                Animation - hippocampus

                                Warm-up #14 - 30 minutes

                                Photosynthesis Bioflix

                                Notes - C3, C4 & CAM

                                HMWK:   Watch Calvin cycle animation

                                               Print out Lab 4 - Photosynthesis  - found in lab section of this website

                                                                                      (explain the 5 objectives on a separate piece of lined paper as you would for a lab write-up

                                                                                       & staple to the printed out lab) - IF YOU DON'T HAVE THIS - YOU WILL HAVE TO COME IN ON

                                                                                       YOUR OWN TIME TO COMPLETE THE LAB

Monday 10/9/17:  Late Start

                            Turn in lab objectives

                            C4 vs. C3 vs. CAM photosynthesis free response (22 min)

                            Laboratory 4 - computer simulation

                            Posters to study - Practice tests with answers to study - write practice essays - hand out work

                            HMWK:  Study for test - Ch. 9 & 10 practice test

                                                                   Ch. 9 & 10 practice test answers

                                                                   Look at practice essays and write some

Wednesday 10/11/17:  College Kick-off Day (minimum day)

Thursday 10/12/17:  Time to study

                                 Chapter 9 & 10 Test

Monday 10/16/17:  Late Start

                               Continue to collect data on Lab 4

                               Work on Cellular Communications (Chapter 11 info) - due end of period

                               HMWK:  Lab 4 due next class - finish analysis questions on same paper w/ objectives

                                                                                 graph results from 4B (one graph w/ 5 lines on separate graph paper)

                                             Staple the following together:  printed out lab w/ data

                                                                                          lined paper w/ objectives & analysis questions

                                                                                          graph of 4B results

                                             Quiz next class on lab & cellular communication (if you are having trouble understanding the lab - Photosynthesis Lab)

                                             Print out Ch. 12 note outline for next class & READ Ch. 12

                                             Notebook check w/ completed baby project (month 1 & month 2) due next class

Wednesday 10/18/17:  Collect lab & notebooks

                                     Photosynthesis Lab Quiz w/ cellular communications questions

                                     Discuss test essay question

                                     Mitosis Notes w/ pics on board

                                     Mitosis animation & cytokinesis (hippocampus)

                                     Mitosis Video

                                     Add to pic on board

                                     Discussion of regulation of G0 phase

                                     Hippocampus animation of G0

                                     HMWK:  Read Cancer & Cell Division

                                                    Print out Ch. 13 note outline for next class

                                                    Need help:  Mitosis Tutorial

Friday 10/20/17:  Add kinetechore & nonkinetechore fibers to pics on board

                            Mitosis Free-Response - figure out scores

                            Mitosis Bioflix

                            Meiosis Notes w/ hippocampus

                            Meiosis Video

                            Mitosis vs. Meiosis drawings - due next class

                            HMWK:  Finish drawings

                                          Print out Ch. 14 note outline

Tuesday 10/24/17:  Collect drawings

                               Meiosis Bioflix

                               Chapter 14 Notes

                               Ch. 14 Genetics Problems

                               HMWK:  Finish Genetics Problems (due next class)

Thursday 10/26/17:  Collect Problems

                                 Warm-up #15

                                 Baby Project  - go over (Month 3​ due 11/15)

                                 Hand back & go over Ch. 14 Genetics Problems

                                 HMWK:  Try the More Ch. 14 Problems

                                                            the answers

                                               Print out the Ch. 15 note outline

Monday 10/30/17:  Late Start

                              Warm-up #16 - work on quietly & go over (30 min)

                              Finish Ch. 14 Notes

                              HMWK:  Start outlining Ch. 15 notes (can print out above) through nondisjunction (pg. 296) for quiz next class  

Wednesday 11/1/17:  Senior Culminating Projects

Thursday 11/2/17:   Warm-up #17 - quiz using Ch. 15 notes

                               Ch. 15 genetics problems - due Wednesday 11/8

Monday 11/6/17:  Late Start

                            Hand out Packet O' Fun

                            Notes Ch. 15

                            Discuss test corrections

                            Finish Ch. 15 Genetics Problems

                            HMWK:  Finish problems

                                          READ CH. 15 IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY!!

Wednesday 11/8/17:  Collect Ch. 15 Problems

                                  Warm-up #18

                                  Go over problems

                                  Finish Ch. 15 Notes

                                  Genetics Timeline - fill in timeline with scientists, their experiment & conclusions  

                                  HMWK:  Finish Genetics Timeline

                                                Study for Ch. 14 & 15 Genetics Problems Quiz

                                                You may want to look at the homework for Monday and start reading this weekend          

Friday 11/10/17:  NO SCHOOL - VETERANS DAY 


Monday 11/13/17:  Late Start

                               Collect Genetics Timeline

                               Ch. 14 & 15 Genetics Problems Quiz

                               Discuss timeline

                               HMWK:  Print out the Chapter 16 Note outline for next class

                                             Read Chapter 16 - pages 305-319 & be familiar with structure of DNA

                                             Check out these animations:  DNA Structure

                                                                                             DNA Bozeman - best one


Wednesday 11/15/17:  Discuss Genetics Timeline - powerpoint

                                    Notes on DNA Structure & basics of replication

                                    Notes on replication - with animations (& hippocampus)

                                         If you are struggling:  Read Section 16.3 & watch this animation:  Replication

                                    Review protein synthesis in CP Biology book (outline)

                                    HMWK:  Read Ch. 17

                                                  Print out the Chapter 17 note outline & bring to class

                                                  Do you know the function of the enzymes involved in replication:  helicase, primase, topoisomerase, single-strand binding

                                                     proteins, DNA ligase, DNA polymerase


Friday 11/17/17:  Replication Warm-up

                            Hand back Genetics Problems Quiz & go over

                            Construction Paper Puppet Show for protein synthesis

                            Chapter 17 notes w/ animation & hippocampus


                                                                 Lab 7 - Genetics of Organisms

                                                                 Statistical Analysis Section

                            Watch this animation multiple times to review the process & enzymes involved:  Protein Synthesis


Tuesday 11/28/17: Turn in Lab 7 w/ statistical analysis

                               Warm-up #21 - Review of Replication & Protein Synthesis

                                     attach picture of protein synthesis to label

                               Go over warm-up with Words to Know - Replication & Protein Synthesis

                               Protein Synthesis Puzzle (answers)

                               Time to work on Packet O Fun

                               HMWK:  Test next class - watch those animations

                                              Packet O Fun due next class     

                                              Practice test

                                              Answers to practice test


Thursday 11/30/17:    Collect Packet O Fun



Monday 12/4/17:  Go over Chi square test & work on problems as class

                             "Life Story" movie

                              HMWK:  Practice Chi Square with these problems


Wednesday 12/6/17:  Finish movie

                                   Questions about "Life Story - Race for the Double Helix"

                                              (If you were absent for part of the movie:  Watch the Ted Talk with Watson, print out these questions and answer them)

                                   Chi Square grid in example 

                                   HMWK:  Practice Chi Square problems from Friday's homework   


Friday 12/8/17:  NO SCHOOL - FIRE CLOSURE

Monday 12/11/17:  Late Start

                               Mitosis/Meiosis Lab

                               Lab Instructions

                               Do you need assistance/explanation?  Lab Bench 

                               HMWK:  Virus & Bacteria Questions - due Friday

                                              Quiz next class

Wednesday 12/13/17:  Collect Lab

                                     Lab Quiz

                                     HMWK:  Virus & Bacteria Questions - due next class

                                                    Final Review Sheet

Friday 12/15/17:  Collect Questions

                            Warm-up #23 - Viruses vs. Bacteria

                            Virus Notes

                            Discuss test & quiz

                            Discuss baby project month 3

                            HMWK:  Study for final - Final Review Sheet

                                           Baby Project Month 4 - due day of finals

Tuesday 12/19/17:

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